Regular Content Marketing – Digital and Print

Businesses use informative content to attract new customers. Think articles that are warm in tone, appropriate in length and relevant. Clickable, shareable and LIKEABLE.

Think about it: by the time a vendor has considered who they’ll appoint to sell their home, they’ve probably already spent some serious hours online researching the sale and purchasing process.

If they find that information on your web presences, you are getting your brand into their consciousness straight away.

You establish yourself as an authority on real estate, and when they do take the plunge and decide to sell, it’s your name that comes to mind.

We ghostwrite for a variety of national companies, within the real estate and property industry.

We can tailor a monthly package for a set number of articles for your use across your platforms, and these articles or blog posts can be managed and published at the back of house end by us, or you. It would be your choice.

Your own business’s goals, audience and brief is carefully considered and we pitch you fresh, relevant ideas monthly. We then write as much and as frequently as you require, based on your needs. We can also provide suitable, accompanying stock imagery.


Want to not only catch people’s attention, but retain it? An E-book is a superb way to provide information, resources and data unique to your industry, for your customers. Trouble is, not everyone is equipped, or even inspired, to put fingers to keyboard and get writing.

We can do this for you, and can establish tone, target audience, customer-focussed essentials and length with you from the outset.

Research and Brand Awareness Assessment

We enjoy multi-faceted research projects, in which we gather, analyse and compile industry-targeted information for YOU.

This can be consolidated for your use. Your own social media managers can utilise the information to grow your reach, proactively engage across platforms to make sure you’re reaching the right people in the right way.

Monthly check-ins and advice to keep on top of your notifications and algorithms can be JUST the ticket for your growth as a business in the property industry.

Development and Project Investment Memorandum

Feeling unnerved at the idea of creating a compelling, edgy and exciting document that balances facts, visuals and graphs, to give to prospective investors?

We have you covered for all your project document needs. Whether you need an edit to ‘humanise’ your fact-heavy memoradum, or a total write done for your upcoming opportunity that you are presenting, we are your #adladies.


Writing about yourself can be… tricky, to say the least.

We craft warm, friendly and personable biographies, based on compiled information on businesses and employees, for use across all marketing spaces.

Video scripts

Property is a visual business, with video tours of homes becoming more popular all the time. Clients like to put a face and a personality to their potential agent, so video is an important part of your brand. 3D tours, VR, Instagram Stories and active video content can make property professionals more engaging to clients.

We have vast experience in script-writing and would be delighted to chat to you about providing this service for your business.

Listing copywriting

Regular provision of polished listings for clients was the initial crux of our business, though our services are now much more extensive.

For those who seek copywriting for your listings, for online, internal web, social channels and print, see our listing copywriting fact sheet, for information on how we do this. We regularly get asked how it works – it’s very streamlined, we promise!

Other businesses

So you’ve reached the bottom of this page and you’re thinking, ‘but I’m not within the property/real estate/realty industry, but I would still love to outsource my copywriting.”

Don’t worry – we are still the copywriters for you.

Contact us for an obligation-free chat. Our enthusiasm for stellar copy is pretty much boundless.